Auricular Therapy

Auriculotherapy is a non-invasive form of Therapeutic Laser stimulation to the external ear for the relief of pain and addictive behaviors.

Auriculotherapy can be effective for many conditions, including: back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, arthritis, burns, carpal tunnel, vertigo, shingles, tinnitus, irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence, and many other difficult to manage patient complaints. Auriculotherapy is used with successful results in the treatment of many addictions including Alcoholism, Smoking Cessation and Weight Management.

While the original basis of Auriculotherapy is in ancient Chinese acupuncture, the late Dr. Paul Nogier developed the current methods in France utilizing painless stimulation without needles.   Today Therapeutic Lasers using light are used to stimulate certain areas in the ear. Our Staff has had extensive training in the use of Lasers for the treatment of Pain and Addictions. 


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